About Us

The group of historical fencing Žoldnieri was established in 2003. At the beginning we focused only on demonstration of fencing art as a stage fight on castles, chateaux and various festivals, but also for privacy clientele. The roots of our group lie in the school of European martial arts called Magisterium Slovacum. Group is a promoter of very successful and the biggest historical festival in Slovakia called “Červenokamenská šermovačka”. The last issue of this festival (held in 2009) registered more than 12 000 visitors. For the first time in Slovakia, we introduced the concert of German legend at field of historical music, the group Corvus Corax. After several years of performing at home and abroad stages, we have changed our view and focused on the art of historical martial arts as described in the manuscripts of original European fencing masters. We are still active at field of staging, but today we invest most of our time and energy in active study and exercise of historical fighting practices, which we apply to our performances, or we test it in free sparing, so-called free fencing. Besides fencing art – staging, or reconstructed, our members are devoting also to other complementary activities including e.g. acrobatics with flag according to Italian tradition, military art and skill (musketeer training, pike training) or drumming skills.