Scenic fencing

Stage fencing is a part of our activities, which is very important for us as well as reconstruction of martial art. At the beginning we focused mostly on this part of our interest, but later we started to focus more on fencing as martial art. However romance of historical costumes and ambition to showcase martial art and also everyday life of our ancestors to spectators stayed in us. Duels, that we perform on a stage are developed to match with real fencing techniques, however, it is not possible to apply all the techniques for 100 percent. Real fencing was developed to kill opponent and we don’t want to do that in present times. We want to illustrate the techniques but due security of performers and spectators it is necessary to adjust individual fencing parts to be safer. The challenge for us is to adjust the techniques as little as possible to lose the least from meaning and credibility and show the spectators the beauty of the European martial art in the most original form as possible.